Francis E. Francis is the main antagonist of the 2017 Dreamworks animated feature The Boss Baby.

Information Edit

Francis Is the charismatic and slightly unhinged CEO of PuppyCo. He is determined to put BabyCorp out of the baby business and will stop at nothing to accomplish It.


He was "born" at Baby Corp. and worked his way to CEO of the company. However he was lactose intolerant to the secret baby youth formula. He was fired and sent to live with the Francis family. Growing up with a bitter resentment towards Baby Corp., and a love towards puppies, he became a businessman and founded PuppyCo. This was to become Baby Corp's main rivals.

At the end of the film he failed to release his company's new product: the Forever Puppy, which was supposed to use Boss Baby's secret formula. Francis accidentally fell into the vat of secret formula and turned into a baby. His company was handed over to his older brother and executive assistant, Eugene. He was re-raised by his brother.

During Tim's adulthood, it is unknown if Francis was raised without an evil heart. It is unknown if he became CEO of PuppyCo again, or pursued different interests (seeing as he had probably given up with his evil plans).

Background informationEdit

Feature films The Boss Baby


Steve Buscemi


Charles F. Muntz from Up

Sid Phillips from Toy Story

Hopper from A Bug's Life

Henry J. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc.

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Francis E. Francis


Charismatic ,slightly unhinged, evil, mean, determined, relentless, tough, wicked, mad, murderous, aggressive, sneaky, greedy, selfish, violent, ruthless, nasty, cruel, vicious, angry, bad-tempered



CEO of PuppyCo

CEO of Baby Corp. (formerly)




Dreamworks villains


Put the Baby Corp out of the baby business by any means as he can

Keep PuppyCo thriving at any cost


Eugene Francis (brother)


Eugene Francis, Ted Templeton (formerly) Janice Templeton (formerly)


Eugene Francis, PuppyCo Employees


Tim Templeton,Boss Baby, Mr. and Mrs. Templeton, The Baby Corp Board of Directors


Puppies, being a "hotshot executive", babies (formerly), Baby Corp. (formerly)


Babies, Baby Corp.


Gets turned back Into a baby and gets carried away by his brother so he'll raise him right this time (During Tim's childhood). Presumably becomes CEO of PuppyCo again, only without malevolent goals. (during Tim's adulthood)

Trivia Edit

  • Francis is voiced by Steve Buscemi, who ironically appeared in Monsters Inc. as Henry Waternoose's assistant, Randall Boggs. Francis draws inspiration from Waternoose.
  • It is unknown if Francis genuinely liked puppies or he only wanted revenge on Baby Corp, and just created PuppyCo to gain the resources he needed for his vengeance.
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