PuppyCo was Francis Eugene Francis's company and a major antagonist corporation in Boss Baby. After his defeat, it is left to his older brother and assistant, Eugene. Francis grows up again and buys the company from his brother/adoptive father.

History Edit

Although it is not clear when PuppyCo was founded, it is assumed that Francis founded the company when he was twenty-years old. Because he had been kicked out of a secret corporation known as Baby Corp, he grew up with nothing but revenge in his mind, and started PuppyCo to act as a rival company to Baby Corp. When Francis assumed the role of CEO, he hired his brother Eugene to act as his personal assistant.

By the time Boss Baby takes place, PuppyCo is a popular dog breeding company and supplier. However, the company CEO, Francis Francis, introduces a new puppy breed called the Forever Puppy. However, he publicly sent out a video commercializing his new products to lure Boss Baby and his brother Tim to find a secret file about the Forever Puppy. Seeing an opportunity at a "Bring Your Kids to Work" day (Tim's parents work at PuppyCo as marketing department workers) held and hosted by Francis, Tim and Boss Baby infiltrate the head offices of PuppyCo and find the file. However, the file is empty, and Boss Baby and Tim are captured by Eugene.

In his office, Francis bakes them cookies and tells his story: he was once the leader of PuppyCo as Super Colossal Big Fat Boss Baby, but the Boring Directors (Board of Directors) found out he was lactose intolerant to the Baby Formula that kept the babies young forever. Francis reveals that he only hosted the "Bring Your Kid to Work" event to lure Boss Baby into PuppyCo, and steals the Baby Formula that Boss Baby brought along.

At the end of the film, Francis, during a mental breakdown trying to kill Tim and Boss Baby, falls into a vat of formula that is being tested on the Forever Puppies. Eugene calms him down and presumably raises him without an evil heart. It is unknown what happens to PuppyCo although it can be assumed that Eugene took over as CEO.

Employees Edit

  • Francis E. Francis - Founder & CEO
  • Eugene Francis - Executive Assistant, later CEO
  • Ted Templeton - Marketing Worker
  • Janice Templeton - Marketing Worker

Trivia Edit

  • When Tim grew up to be an adult himself, it was likely that Francis was an adult by this time as well, and therefore possibly the CEO of the corporation yet again.